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wow, i like your ultima-style rpg minima, and anteform

Thanks, I'm glad you like them. I've really enjoyed hearing back from people who've played them and had fun with them.

what game engine did you use to make this?

I made an engine on top of PICO-8. With fairly minor changes it ought to be usable for other games. I put a few notes about how to start doing so on the GitHub page at

Note though that the limits in PICO-8 are pretty fierce and the production version of the code had to be made a little ugly in order to fit within them. It's probably easier learning the structure from an early version before looking at the production one.

Is there a web version?


Yes, you can play it online at:

Please note that while it works in mobile browsers, it requires a keyboard.



I completed the game and it was a fun ride.

I have got one suggestion, I think bumping onto an enemy could make the character attack it.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I did actually think about that but ended up not going that way for a couple of reasons. The first is that the games Minima strives to be like all use the "a" key for "attack", too, and anyone who's used to those will probably have the whole "a -> direction" sequence pretty well entrenched in muscle memory already. The second is that there are a couple of areas in the game where it makes a difference. One of these I won't go into because I don't want to give anything away that players can figure out by playing themselves, but the second is that whether or not bumping is forgiven makes a big difference in towns.

It makes sense, thanks for the detailed answer.