Take on the role of an unlikely survivor who's both trying to navigate a new world and decide what that all even means. It takes place at a key point in time, so you've got only five days to achieve your goals while keeping things from falling apart. After those five days you'll either have won or lost.

Be aware that one play tester said of this game "it's quite stressful in a way that's unusual in IF". It's horror. It's fairly subtle horror, but it's still horror. All that being said, I hope you enjoy it.

This game has been released as part of the NarraScope 2020 Game Jam. The theme of this Game Jam was growth, and two different meanings of it are simultaneously central to this story. Note that on the Interactive Fiction Cruelty Scale this is arguably Tough or even Nasty, but it provides enough clues to enable the careful player to avoid unfixable situations. It's also short enough to make it practical to "Groundhog Day" it if one gets really desperate.

This game is fully playable and winnable and should hopefully be reasonably bug-free (please let me know if you find any issues and I'll add your name to the play testers credits when I fix them).

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